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How to achieve double the performance of 60 days?

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How to achieve double the performance of 60 days?
                                                                                                          - Former Canton cattle suppliers tournament performance completion rate of three fresh baked!
From June 1 Canton cattle suppliers tournament started today just 51 days, and now land, sea and air forces soldiers, morale, high passion, working hard to do the final sprint performance from last week, each team has news of success, the good news continues, small partners strive for the dream is a step to become a reality before, land, sea and air forces three performance completion rate has been freshly baked. They are: Navy clan: Hengxing kitchenware, performance completion rate of 143%, the Army clan: German hazel decorative materials, the performance of 123% completion rate, the Air Force team of: elephant digital printing performance 130% completion rate, performance upgrade so fast, how do they do it?

Here is the Guangdong TV reporter interviewed the entire contents of our elephant digital printing, general manager of Guangzhou Mr. Liu:
Guangdong TV reporter: Zhang total cattle suppliers this tournament, elephant, is not the "big elephant" but becomes "big Dumbo", and led the way, beyond the pack, please talk about your success secrets?

Mr. Liu: participated in the cattle suppliers hegemony, let us benefit, regardless of the performance, or from the team's build, has a qualitative leap. I love learning, sharing music, talk contribution, total growth. From a few simple sentences, better reflect the elephant family people a progressive spirit, they go beyond themselves, the dream of flying, from the performance to the team, to show up the team's cohesion. We always believe: a person can go faster, a group of people can go further! Cattle suppliers to participate in the hegemony of the two I think the biggest gain is the performance improvement and team building.
In terms of performance improvement: in the past did not participate in the cattle suppliers hegemony, our sales team has also been very hard to pay, sometimes around the clock because of a single, very hard to fight performance, but in the end was not very good down an effect. I have been looking for the reasons in the end what is the problem led to stand still, and after much tossing and turning, noticed some ideas single kernel of information, promote results, some of his methods always a tendency to promote human cognition, transform all the impossible possible, this has been participating in cow elephant providers hegemony. Suppliers of cattle hegemony during every junior partner elephants are fighting, the excitation from the beginning, we have been to the back of the stick, sometimes puts a customer's problem, we sit down and discuss together, go together tracking progress together.
"When you do not want the general's soldiers, not a good soldier", that just proved elephant sales elite ambitions, since this month, they create amazing performance, enhance the performance rate of 130%. This group portrait wolfish elephant family members, following the footsteps of performance, always struggling in the front line, it is no exaggeration to talk performance, see the sun out of their performance to know it! They still believe, have to pay, will harvest. So they pay, but also often share their sales experience, so that we progress together, create more value. Run it! Elephant family members.
In terms of team to create: a successful team, bring the whole enterprise. In the past we had always believed, is the soul of the team, but sometimes because of some problems, but do not do more with less coordination between each other, between departments, we are also very hard to contribute to your team, but not good performance cohesion, has been in the running, can not find a very good way. And today, because cattle suppliers hegemony, after a series of team building, the development of the manual work, our team becomes more cohesive sense of mission, a sense of belonging, which is a spiritual food, by this spirit, for the big elephant build an ironclad team. The soul of the team, we elephant digital printing has been able to go further, it is because there is a group of courage to pay the team, if you do not pay, perhaps no elephant today. Whether the sales team, or network marketing team, technical team and production team, or the like, because you can create wonderful elephant today, grateful to have you!

Guangdong TV reporter: It confirms the "no weak soldiers forcing men" famous words, what higher goal next elephant is?
Mr. Liu: In the cattle suppliers hegemony, we have created a new miracle, I believe in the future of work and life, elephant family members will be more fighting, more momentum. So, we elephant digital printing throughout the course of the operation, we are relying on the coordination of the entire team, mutual encouragement. Or to the next in such a way to move closer to the formulation of the instruction manual, because the cattle suppliers hegemony, the work has a more feasible operating order. The most important is the execution, execution and landing is to participate in the cattle suppliers hegemony maximum benefit, a business with no execution ground, how to build a team, how to enhance the performance, mess and need to rely on executive power to gather, a team needs to rely on force to coordinate the implementation of a business need to restrict execution. So we will have to build a team-based, supplemented by incentives, to go against the execution ground, creating a more performance-cow elephant digital printing. Elephant 13 years focused one-stop digital printing solutions! Creating a new impetus for your future!
Time off too fast, blink of an eye Canton cattle suppliers tournament has gone through three-quarters of the course, in which bitter, tired, there is joy, there is friendship and fruitful, but we did not forget to always adhere to the beginning of the heart for the same goal, one dream, to come together and learn from each other, pushing growth, is holding will reach, will be beyond belief, and ultimately the performance of big improvement. Click Guangzhou elephant thermal transfer paper official website www.zyz020.com, to know more details, look forward to your coming!