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What is heat transfer vinyl (2)?

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What is heat transfer vinyl?

Heat transfer vinyl (HTV) is a garment decorating material that can be cut and heat pressed onto a variety of different fabrics. There are many different colors and variations of heat transfer vinyl. There are solid colors, printed patterns, textured materials, glitter, metallic, glow in the dark, reflective,PVC,PU and many more. Most of them are made of a durable polyurethane based film that makes up the cuttable vinyl. They all have a coated backing that when heated at a high temperature will adhere to the item (usually some sort of apparel). Each variation of heat transfer vinyl has slightly adjusted temperatures and times for which to heat press. All application instructions can be found on its respective product page.

Technical parameters:

How is it used?

First, you will need to have access to a heat press and a vinyl cutter. Take the heat transfer vinyl and feed it into the cutter (such as a cameo or graphtec) and the machine will cut it for you. Then weed (or tear away) any excess from the cut design and place the cut image on your garment. Next, transfer the cut heat transfer vinyl design onto your desired garment or apparel item using a heat press. And, voila, you have your finished product.

Two of the best quality and most popular heat transfer vinyls are Thermoflex and Easyweed. Both are brand names of heat transfer vinyl that can be compared to each other similarly to Coke and Pepsi. They are the same type of product with similar attributes, but many times people will prefer one brand over the other. Easyweed and Thermoflex are easy to work with and each have countless colors and variations to choose from.