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Training Color Management From EPSON Engineer

Categories: Trends Time: 2016-03-16 18:59 Visit:
Today,We are very honor to invite to Epson Michael Mr.Chen Engineers from Epson of Beijing Headquarters to our Big Elephant digital Printing Company to training color management for Technology Deparment and Designing deparment.It is big support of strong backing to Our after sale service of company.
We must be do a good job in every detail, Just do it best!

As color management of sublimation printer,Most People hope to do best for your client.It is responsible for the customer when you have technology.
Client will give most their trust when you give a best service.
Let More People realize that this one strong team! Elephant Strong Team!
Now,All study is necessary, It is also part of what we want to do better!

Very Thanks Mr.Chen!

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